Internship Opportunity

If you are still at Utah State and would like to get involved with the LGBTQA program, the Access & Diversity Center is looking for two individuals to apply for the internship, it’s paid too!

Job #: C561-11
Title: Student Internship
Department: Access And Diversity Center
# Positions: 2
Hours/Week: 15 to 20 hours per week
Duration: August 23rd through May 4th
Pay Rate: $9.00
Schedule: Flexible hours Mon.-Fri.
Description: The Access & Diversity Center is seeking highly motivated and dedicated students who are interested in the opportunity to work with diverse students and staff. Plan activities and assist with programming/projects.
Open Date: 04-09-13

You can contact Mel Austin or Brooke Lambert for any questions.

Good luck!

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LGBT-Focused English Course!

Pass this along, especially if you need your English 2010 GE.

My name is Kristin Ladd, and I’m a graduate instructor in the English Department. Though I realize registration has already been open for a week, I thought you might want to pass onto your student networks that I will be leading a special English 2010 (a GE for all students) with a particular focus on LGBT fiction, non-fiction, and queer theory. Below is a course description of the class. If students wish to find the class, it is under “Ladd” time is “12-1:15pm” and they must put in their request before being approved by the department head to be in the class. The class will also be offered in the Spring (if all goes well) and encourage submission to the LGBT Research Symposium. Thank you for your time, and I hope to see some of your students in my classes in Fall and Spring!

This course centers on the art of research to formulate effective persuasive writing pieces. In particular, this course will focus on the work of queer authors such as Alison Bechdel, Walt Whitman, Carol Lynn Pearson, and Audre Lorde, to understand how queer theorists and writers create persuasive writing through challenging gender issues, urbanity, sexual orientation, identity, religion, and many other themes. Students will be introduced to writing and critical thinking techniques that will be integral to the remainder of their academic careers and work thereafter. Students in this course will create a final persuasive paper that will be presented at Voices adding to the conversation on queer theory at USU. Students with exceptional interest in the subjects presented will also be encouraged to participate in the annual USU Ally LGBT Research Fair in Spring 2013.

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Anthropology Museum Event

The Anthropology Museum [2nd Floor Old Main] is hosting an event on Saturday, Feb. 25th as part of their Saturdays at the Museum program.
From 10-12:30, the museum will highlight exhibits on textiles and baskets; there will also be a station for children to make small baskets.

At 1:00 pm James M. Adovasio, the director of the Anthropology and Archaeology departments at Mercyhurst College, will be giving a short presentation on his book, The Invisible Sex: Uncovering the True Roles of Women in Prehistory.

Dr. Adovasio’s book considers the role of women, children and elderly people in prehistory. He acknowledges the absence of these groups in archaeological materials and theory, and begins to fill in the gaps of the role of women during this time period.

In his work in archaeology, he has strived to reverse gender biases. His book examines common narratives to produce a new version of human evolution to include both men and women.
My hope is that this event is interesting and pertinent to anyone involved in History, Queer Studies, etc.

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Planning Leadership Training — Wed Meeting

For a meeting this week, Wednesday evening at 8pm, we will be going over ideas and requirements from the group on what leadership is, and how we would like to train ourselves to become leaders.

We will also briefly discuss possible sponsorship from the Access & Diversity Center.

Please connect to this Doc online and make notes or ask questions on what we will be doing for leadership training.

Event Details

Location: Merrill-Cazier Library room141
Time: 8:00 pm



Great information from NCLR on the video ruling for the Prop 8 trial.

Originally posted on NCLR Blog: Out for Justice:

(San Francisco, CA, February 2, 2012)—Today, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals blocked the public release of the video of the historic trial to overturn Proposition 8, the 2008 measure that stripped same-sex couples of the right to marry in California. The court overturned a federal district court decision ordering the release of the video.

Since suffering a devastating loss at the 2010 trial, Prop 8 supporters have tried to block the public from seeing the historic trial video. Last years, Chief Judge James Ware of the U.S. District Court in San Francisco ruled that the video must be available to the public. The Prop 8 proponents appealed that ruling to the Ninth Circuit, which reversed it today. The Ninth Circuit’s decision was based on its determination that Judge Vaughn Walker, who presided over the trial, had made a commitment to the parties that the recording would not be publicly…

View original 102 more words

Meeting(s) Announcement This Week

We won’t be having a S.A.F.E. based meeting this week, but there are a couple of things going on that it would be great to consider attending.

Firstly, tonight the USU Pagan Alliance will be having their opening social. A number of our Pagan friends are LGBTQ friendly allies that have frequently come by to help network and support our cause(s). Included in the opening social for this meeting will be a presentation by the Sustainability Council and then some discussion on a grant proposal the USU Pagan Alliance will be writing to see if we can make a non-denominational meditation garden below the Ampitheater on campus.

Details [Also on our Calendar]

Date: Monday, 30 January 2012
Time: 7pm
Location: Library 154

Secondly, our ‘opening social’ will be integrated into the PFLAG Valentine’s day social. Join us and supportive community for a Valentine’s Day Social on Thursday, February 2, from 7 – 9 p.m. in the Lake Bonneville Room at the Logan Public Library (255 North Main St). From PFLAG: “We look forward to meeting you, and hope you will share with us as we support each other, educate ourselves, and work towards a Cache Valley community where our loved ones feel safe and welcome. Contact cachegayfamilies at gmail dot com for more information.”

Thirdly, the LIFE Gay Straight alliance is recruiting committee members for things like National Day of Silence, Freedom to Marry Day Protest, a spring Queer Prom, and more! If you are interested in getting involved with these projects, please contact Love GSA on Facebook!

Lastly, LIFE is having an Iron Chef cupcake bake-off Tuesday night and then selling them as a fundraiser on Wednesday!
Details here:

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