LGBT-Focused English Course!

Pass this along, especially if you need your English 2010 GE.

My name is Kristin Ladd, and I’m a graduate instructor in the English Department. Though I realize registration has already been open for a week, I thought you might want to pass onto your student networks that I will be leading a special English 2010 (a GE for all students) with a particular focus on LGBT fiction, non-fiction, and queer theory. Below is a course description of the class. If students wish to find the class, it is under “Ladd” time is “12-1:15pm” and they must put in their request before being approved by the department head to be in the class. The class will also be offered in the Spring (if all goes well) and encourage submission to the LGBT Research Symposium. Thank you for your time, and I hope to see some of your students in my classes in Fall and Spring!

This course centers on the art of research to formulate effective persuasive writing pieces. In particular, this course will focus on the work of queer authors such as Alison Bechdel, Walt Whitman, Carol Lynn Pearson, and Audre Lorde, to understand how queer theorists and writers create persuasive writing through challenging gender issues, urbanity, sexual orientation, identity, religion, and many other themes. Students will be introduced to writing and critical thinking techniques that will be integral to the remainder of their academic careers and work thereafter. Students in this course will create a final persuasive paper that will be presented at Voices adding to the conversation on queer theory at USU. Students with exceptional interest in the subjects presented will also be encouraged to participate in the annual USU Ally LGBT Research Fair in Spring 2013.

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